Rick Lozano recently spoke at the IEHRA Annual Conference for HR Professionals. His presentation was innovative, high energy and well received by our members. If your organization is looking for a presenter to discuss Employee Engagement, contact Rick for your next event.
Karen Lombardi, IEHRA
@rick_lozano is witty, engaging & informative. Great presenter! Highly recommend him! @atdmidlands #atdaccelerate
Betty Parker, The Sharper Solution
This session was awesome! Rick is a fantastic speaker. He kept the audience engaged and interested for the entire session. The information was presented in a fun, usable and digestible way. Thank you, Rick!
Attendee - ATD International Conference and Exposition
This is the most 5 star of 5 star presentations I’ve ever seen. This guy had it all. I was totally engaged and motivated to help my business engage! I loved this keynote, please bring him back!!!
Attendee - ATD Midlands Annual Conference

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