From Lacking the Swagger to Moves Like Jagger!

The difference between showing up for work and getting lost in it

Employee engagement is quite the buzzword these days, but what does it really mean? Here’s a hint: Casual Fridays alone won’t get you there!


Combining high energy, spontaneity, music, and audience interaction, Rick Lozano will share the simple advice that transformed his career and his life. With the words “Do more of that, here”, everything changed. Opportunities knocked and doors opened the day he began bringing his whole self to work – guitar and all.


We’ll uncover the everyday things that we can all do – leaders, trainers, and individual contributors alike – to create an environment where everyone excels instead of just showing up. Where they not only learn, but thrive. Where they strut through the office as confident as Mick Jagger on the stage and perform like never before.





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