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I’m Rick Lozano, I am a facilitator.  A keynote speaker, an engaged learning guru, a consultant, a trainer, a musician. I’m slightly unconventional but people say great things about my work.  I pride myself in providing learning opportunities that are unique and engaging, but more importantly, useful and applicable at work and in life.  more about me…

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Below are some of the most common sessions I deliver, I can also create anything to fit your needs!  - Rick.

Keynote Sessions

From Lacking the Swagger to Moves Like Jagger!  

The difference between showing up for work and getting lost in it

No one stays in a miserable job for Casual Fridays.  We’ll explore what it really takes to create workplace engagement in today’s business climate.



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Sweet Caroline!  A Super Set List for Sensational Learning Sessions!

It’s all about creating rock and roll engagement in learning! Walk away with a “set list” of innovative ideas and best practices that can take your training into hyperdrive.



Upcoming Keynotes:

Feeling the Groove- What your team can learn from a night of jazz at the Elephant Room





Developing Dynamic Teams

Now more than ever teams need to innovate.  Collaborate.  Lay down the funk and communicate!  Fluid teams are like jazz musicians, improvising, problem solving, playing to their individual strengths, while working together to achieve the desired outcome.  Let’s team build with a purpose, ya dig?    Tell me more!


Situational Leadership II

I’m a certified facilitator for Blanchard’s Situational Leaderhip II, the world’s most taught leadership model for more than 30 years…Tell me more…


Rock the Talk

Your message is important, and their time is valuable.  The Rock the Talk workshop will help you make the most of the time you have with your audience, and deliver exactly the message you want to send to inspire action!  Tell me more!

Train the Trainer

Ah, the corporate trainer – part college professor, part circus ringmaster.  Being a subject matter expert is great, but it takes something extra to make a great facilitator.  Tell me more…


These are just a few of the workshops I deliver, please let me know how I can serve you.  In addition, I also offer help with consulting and coaching.  Thanks for taking a look around!



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