“This is the most 5 star of 5 star presentations I’ve ever seen. This guy had it all. I was totally engaged and motivated to help my business engage!”

Attendee , ATD SC Midlands Annual Conference

“His message about creating engagement was, to coin a phrase, Pure Freakin’ Magic! His energy and message pumped our crowd for the entire event! I’d bring Rick back in a heartbeat!”

Ron Smith, Kent State University

“I highly recommend Rick as a public speaker because of his awesome audience engagement. We have had him speak at our annual ATD Midlands Chapter Conference and Expo and had to bring him back by popular demand”

Betty Parker , Sharper Solutions

“If you have the chance to take one of Rick’s classes, hear him speak at a conference or catch one of his gigs, consider yourself among the fortunate!”

Liz Jurewicz, Creating Liz

“In my 25+ years experience working in corporate settings, I can honestly say that Rick is one of the top coaches and facilitators I have had the pleasure of working with”

Debbie Talley, Rackspace Hosting

“He and Sir Ken Robinson were the highlights of the conference for me.”

Attendee , ATD International Conference


From Lacking The Swagger To Moves Like Jagger!

Rick’s most popular keynote!  Does your organization want people who show up and put in just enough to get the job done? Or do you want people who are rocking at their jobs, excited to be there, losing themselves in their work, and unleashing their creativity and potential? Let’s focus on creating a culture that rocks the engagement space!  More…

Rick Lozano Keynote Speaker From Lacking The Swagger to Moves Like Jagger

       Workforce engagement on overdrive

Navigate Through Noise

Rick’s newest keynote!  And, his most passionate and personal one yet! You have something magical to give to this world. Something unique, something special, something important. Yet, all too often we become our own biggest obstacles to leaving that legacy! “I’m not qualified”. “I feel like a fraud”. “Where do I start?” Sound familiar?  Let’s get out of our own way bring our best work to life   More…

***Appearing as the closing keynote at the ATD Core4 Conference, March 2017, Long Beach!


Rick Lozano Keynote Speaker Navigate Through Noise - Finding Your Sound and Leaving Your Legacy

             Producing your unique legacy

Sweet Caroline!

Rick’s classic keynote, refined, revised and more relevant than ever! We’ll talk about modern learner behavior and creative ways L & D organizations can factor in those behaviors in the way we deliver training. You will walk out with a ton of ideas you can implement immediately! More

Rick Lozano Keynote Speaker Sweet Caroline A Super Set List For Sensational Learning Sessions

              Boring training?  Let’s rock!

But wait..there’s more!  Additional customizable keynotes on  engaged teams, customers, leaders, navigating change, you name it!

Upcoming Keynotes:

ATD Core4 Conference – Long Beach, CA – March 2017

Boston Pizza Leadership Conference – Vancouver, BC – April 2017

ATD International Conference and Exposition – Atlanta, GA – May 2017

*on Sabbatical June/July 2017

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Engaging, dynamic.  A world-class speaker, sometimes with a guitar in hand, unapologetically trying to put something positive into the world.

Zero audience injuries since that last time!

Let’s create something amazing!