Hello there!  I’m glad you are here!


I’m Rick Lozano, I am a facilitator.  A speaker, a consultant, a trainer, a musician, and a presenter.  An engaged learning guru.  I’m slightly unconventional but people say great things about my work.  I pride myself in providing learning opportunities that are unique and engaging, but more importantly, useful and applicable at work and in life.

I work hard to encourage, develop, and motivate.

I help people who have to get up in front of people get better at it.

I train a variety of skills that will help in numerous aspects of people’s lives.

I train trainers.  I coach presenters.

I facilitate awesome team dynamics, communication, and problem solving.

I have fun.

I’m a singer-songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist who loves connecting with an audience in any arena.

I combine my passions whenever possible.

ASTD_May2013 023

I get on stage and try to rock.


I play guitar, sometimes while I work.

My Strengths are Empathy, Adaptability, WOO, Positivity, and Developer.

I am committed to creating meaningful outcomes for you and your organization.

I overuse the bold button.

So there you go!  I hope you find what you are looking for on this site, please email me if there is anything I can do for you.  Let’s create something amazing!




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