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Rick Lozano, CSP

Leadership Consultant, Author,
Musician & Founder, Unlock & Amplify®

Talent and Potential

What if you utilized and realized more of it?

You can. And when you do…awesomeness!

Rick helps leaders, teams, and individuals unlock and amplify their potential and talent to create productive, engaged, and profitable cultures. 

Keynote Speaking

Creative. Engaging. Dynamic.

Your audience hasn’t seen a keynote experience like this before! Combining his expertise as a world-class speaker, his unique perspective, and his talents as a facilitator and musician, Rick engages audiences like no other.


But not your typical, boring stuff.

Rick combines over two decades of excellence in creating engaging learning environments where we bridge the gap between concept and application.

He has developed a reputation as one of the finest facilitators in the business.


One-on-one coaching to help your leaders thrive.

Not all coaching is created equally. And not everyone needs the same coaching.

You need a trusted advisor who excels in helping you discover the right path forward.

Rick does just that. 


“It is a conference planner’s dream to have your participants fully engaged, joining heartily in singing along, and ending with a rousing and well-deserved standing ovation.”

– Wayne Drummond, Executive Director, Georgia Professional Human Services Association

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