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Rick Lozano, CSP

Leadership Consultant, Author,
Musician & Founder, Unlock & Amplify®

The potential exists

Talent is everywhere

Let’s tap into it.

As leaders, teams, organizations…imagine how much frustration, loss of productivity, and dissatisfaction we could eliminate if we sped up the process of developing into that potential. And what we can build by unleashing it!

Rick helps emerging leaders unlock and amplify potential and talent to create a productive, engaged, and profitable culture. 


I can help.

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Rick Lozano Keynote Speaker

You have the talent and potential.

Imagine how much better things would be if we realized it!

Rick helps people create the conditions for their talent to flourish. With twenty years of experience in global award-winning talent and leadership development programs, Rick gives organizations, teams, and leaders the tools they need to thrive. And the inspiration to help their influence resonate.

And…what’s with the guitar?

Would you rather have a boring PowerPoint?

Rick is a master at combining his leadership expertise with his talents as a musician and singer/songwriter. He draws on music to connect the dots, tell stories, engage the audience, generally rock out.

(…and his PowerPoints aren’t boring. But they do make for a good song.)


“It is a conference planner’s dream to have your participants fully engaged, joining heartily in singing along, and ending with a rousing and well-deserved standing ovation.”

– Wayne Drummond, Executive Director, Georgia Professional Human Services Association

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