About Rick

Rick is… A recognized thought leader in talent and leadership development with almost twenty years of expertise in award-winning learning organizations. Who happens to be an incredible keynote speaker. And musician.


“Rick Lozano is world-class, training guru, keynote speaker, musician and wonderful person rolled into one.”

– Liz Jurewicz, WP Engine

Rick Lozano is…

  • A global talent development consultant who — Hi! Um…Rick here. These official bios, while certainly good for a resume, aren’t really the way I’d prefer to introduce myself. If  you’d like to get to know the real me,  check out the video on the right to get a feel of what I’m really like and why I do what I do. Or not. You do you.
    ok —-back to the ‘official’ list
  • The founder of Unlock & Amplify, a company dedicated to helping leaders, teams, and individuals unlock their potential to amplify their value.
  • A skilled musician and performer who uses the power of music to engage, connect, and inspire audiences to action.
  • The author of the forthcoming book “Acoustic Leadership – Developing A Leadership Culture That Resonates”
  • A proud member of the National Speakers Association (NSA)
  • A talented singer/songwriter who has produced six albums and was a finalist in a national community radio songwriting competition. (check him out on Spotify)
  • A husband, father to two kids and two cats, and a San Antonio Spurs fan.

“All that sounds great, but we are trying to solve real problems here!”

Exactly! So, why waste time at your event with keynote speakers who are boring, stilted, unimaginative, and rehashing cliches? In addition to his expertise helping leaders and teams do just that – solve real problems – Rick partners with you to understand your world, your challenges and speaks directly to them. And then there’s the real-time, first-hand input from your audience. The music stuff and Rick’s charisma just helps it all connect even better.


Let’s Get to Work!

Call me, text me, email me, fill out the form to the right – reach out however you prefer. I typically respond the same day and I’d love to help create that next great version of things with you. – Rick

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