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Engage. Develop. Inspire

These are the things Rick Lozano does best in his own, unique way
– sometimes with a guitar in hand!


For the better part of twenty years, Rick has spoken to, coached, trained and mentored tens of thousands of people across the globe. As an in-demand keynote speaker, he has built a reputation for his energy, music, and refreshing delivery that leaves audiences raving and – more importantly – with action items that can be immediately implemented to produce change.


His background? Here’s where it counts! It isn’t enough to just entertain audiences – although he definitely does – Rick has the credibility and expertise to back it up! He draws on years of experience in leadership and talent development, most recently in the tech industry working for an organization that was consistently recognized as one of the world’s Best Places to Work.  He is a standout voice at international conferences dedicated to learning, talent development, and human capital and a talented, creative, and fearless speaker. His professional journey has included human resources, technology, financial services, and education but his impact has been felt across multiple diverse industries.

The Music

“Because music inspires. Music connects. Music builds community. And music rocks! Seriously though, I use music to open up the ears and the soul, as a gateway to learning so that we can put these concepts into action.”


“It is one of those things that is just automatic. I started by writing and performing music in live theatre productions at the University of Texas at Austin. From there I just studied songwriters that I loved and wrote songs that were right for that time of my life. I’m working on my seventh album at the moment. People can connect to ideas differently when they hear them in song.”

Audiences Of All Types

Tech, HR
Financial Services

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