Acoustic Leadership

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Develop A Leadership Culture That Resonates

What if we made it simple?

Simple for leaders to engage people. Build trust. Unleash potential and innovation and drive results.

Based on the research from his book, Acoustic Leadership: Develop A Leadership Culture That Resonates, Rick invites all of us to step back from the mountain of leadership expectations and get perspective on the things that truly matter. The things that will make the biggest difference for your organization and your people.

Rick will introduce his creative, original approach to leadership development and explore what progressive companies are doing differently to develop a leadership culture that inspires, elevates, and positions everyone to do their best work.

Most Requested Topics

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Find Your Jam

Create Momentum, Unlock Potential, and Rock What’s Next
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Navigate Through noise

Create a Clear Signal for Organizational Culture, Cohesion, and Collaboration
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Amplify Your Engagement

Transform your organization into a workplace people want to be from!
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Amplify Your Impact

Inspiration and motivation to find your sound, unlock that next opportunity, and build your legacy!