For the first time in almost twenty years, I bought a new acoustic guitar.

This one…

I didn’t mean to.

I mean, I wanted it, I just didn’t expect that I would actually buy it.

Let me explain. The guitar that I’ve been gigging with forever has gotten a little road weary. Over the course of 20+ years it has been dropped, cracked, and fallen off more guitar stands than I can count.

While still sounding great and working beautifully (after repairs…thank you, Guitar Tex!), I started thinking about a backup guitar in case I found myself in a position where I needed one on the fly.

So I eyeballed the Martin GPC – 15ME. It’s pretty. I wanted it. But I didn’t yet want to spend the money.

And then I saw an email from selling a demo version of that guitar (meaning it’s been on display on their showroom floor and has a few small imperfections) for $200 off the price.

“Huh. That doesn’t look bad at all…still, that’s more than I want to spend right now. If only it were $500 off the price”, I thought to myself.

So, almost without thinking, I sent my sales rep an email asking him to lower the price by $500. I told him that if he did that, I would “buy the guitar today!”.

I didn’t expect he’d actually do it.

(Cue the text message to my wife…“Honey…guess what I just did…”)

Here’s the thing…sometimes you ask and the world responds.

I’ve been talking about this a lot lately in my keynote, “Amplify Your Impact”, how you “create” your next opportunity rather than trying to “find” it. But I suddenly realized just how many times this has held true for me recently, great things have happened because I took a chance and ASKED. That’s it. I opened the door to possibility, threw myself out there just a little bit and, in doing so, created these opportunities.

I came up with this crazy idea for a paid sabbatical as volunteer scuba diver this past summer- asked – and was approved.

I got to play at the legendary Irish Kevin’s in Key West, Florida simply by asking Irish Kevin what it would take to play there.

And now, the very guitar that I spent hours daydreaming about was mine at a nearly 40% discount. Because I asked.

Now, mind you, I probably have asked for many other things that have yet to come to fruition (come on, Paul McCartney, it’s just lunch), but the truth is in life sometimes we just have to be willing to throw it out into the world and the world will respond. Rather than waiting for opportunity, create it.

What are you waiting for?

**** Update – Shortly after I wrote this I sent the guitar back. It was beautiful but didn’t have the sound I was looking for. (insert sad face)

And – support your local guitar shop, those folks are awesome.  Thanks again, Guitar Tex!