Leadership Immersion Labs

Experiential learning at its finest


This isn’t training

This is real-time learning and skill building!

In these innovative sessions, we don’t train, we practice. In real-time, with real people, with real simulations that require on-the-fly critical thinking and immediate action. This is where it happens!

There is no substitute for learning by having to do it. Without a parachute.

…but in a totally safe kind of way.

  • Experiential skill development

  • Scenario and video-based application
  • Expert feedback

  • Accelerated development

Role Play Reimagined

Role play has long been considered an effective tool for practicing and embedding new skills – an it definitely has its place!

But the challenge with the traditional approach is that participants see them as fake – “That’s not what I’d do in reality!” They are often clunky to set up and facilitate, and reliant on the willing participation of others whose acting skills might be not up to Hollywood standards!

Which is why our Leadership Immersion Labs are the perfect solution. These aren’t your typical role plays, they are real situations, requiring in-the-moment critical thinking. Using our Leadership That Resonates™ Platform, participants utilized video-based hotseats to navigate through challenging simulations that help them build skills, utilize deliberate practice, and gain awareness that can only come by doing.

Partner that with expert feedback and assessment, and you have an innovative growth solution that blows your traditional role play out of the water.

Simulations with real situations

Immersed in their new work world, participants approach real-life situations with colleagues, leaders, and direct reports. They are presented with all the context and challenges you see in reality and have to navigate effectively through each situation.

Hotseat practice

In addition to assignments where participants are given time to work through their approach, certain ‘hot seat’ scenarios present themselves and have to be responded to immediately – unexpected curveballs, challenging coworkers, real-time decision making.

You know, kind of like real life!

Self-assessment and Feedback

No good learning event is complete without self-reflection and feedback. In addition to self-assessments, participants are given feedback against the competencies required for each skill.

Experiential learning. New insights. Experience that you only get by doing.


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03. Let’s change the world.