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I was totally impressed that Rick catered his presentation to our company values, clients, and mission. It wasn’t anything we had discussed but it truly showed Rick’s aptitude to go above and beyond! I was blown away by his energy, ability to get the audience involved, and message during the presentation – and I know others were too! I would highly recommend Rick for any corporate Keynote presentation!! Rick Lozano is INCREDIBLE!

– Olivia Sekerak,

Why Hire Rick?

In their words…

Every keynote Rick delivers is:

  • Highly interactive
  • Relevant & timely
  • Focused on your audience and industry
  • Slightly improvised based on audience reactions & circumstances
  • Authentically Rick Lozano

In Rick’s words…


Unlock & Amplify®

Potential. What if we tapped into more of it? How would that change everything?

Leaders, teams, individuals, we all have that next great version just waiting to be unleashed. In this keynote, we’ll introduce a process for unlocking potential and amplifying talent to help you create new possibilities. This keynote rocks virtually as well as in-person!

Rick Lozano Amplify Your Impact

Amplify Your Impact

Inspiration and motivation to find your sound, unlock that next opportunity,  and build your legacy!

“I’m stuck.” “What’s next?” “I’m not qualified.” “Where do I start?”  Sound familiar? In this crowd-favorite keynote session, we’ll assume the role of music producer to help you find your voice and shape your sound. We’ll cut through the noise and amplify your influence, unlock possibility, and balance creative risks to position you on solid ground for your next breakthrough!

Acoustic Leadership

Based on the research from Rick’s book, Acoustic Leadership, this dynamic and relevant keynote provides a fresh approach to create a leadership culture that resonates.

Scaled-back. Authentic. Simple. If only leadership was that easy! In Rick’s exploration of leadership, we’ll focus on just that, simple changes that create fans, impact lives, and leave an impression that people will remember years later. Not only is this keynote powerful in helping create effective leadership, it is also delivered in a way, in-person or virtually, that will resonate with your audience. 

Amplify Your Engagement

Transform your organization into a workplace people want to be from!

Does your organization want people who show up and put in just enough to get the job done? Or do you want people who are rocking at their jobs, excited to be there, losing themselves in their work, and unleashing their creativity and potential? What will it take? Join us as we introduce the three C’s of Amplifying Your Engagement. We’ll introduce simple changes that can help people feel connected to the work they do and committed to being there. (and, of course, we’ll crank up the jams!)

Close, but not quite?

I have additional keynotes and workshops that will fit! Let’s chat.

No problem! Rick has twenty years of speaking and facilitation experience, let’s discuss your priorities and create something that works. Additional topics include change management, leading virtual teams, Strengths, influence strategies, the list goes on.

Beyond Keynotes

The trick with any keynote is to help take that momentum and inspiration and transfer it back to the real world. If you are looking to truly impact change, why stop at just a talk?

Other ways we can maximize our efforts together:

  • Keynote plus a breakout session
  • Half/Full Day workshops
  • Follow up – sessions
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Unlock & Amplify®

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Whether it is a keynote, multiple workshops, or an ongoing relationship, nothing thrills me more than knowing together we helped people grow, develop, and move forward in a positive direction. 

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