Your Adaptability

Amplify Your Adaptability.

Change Management doesn’t benefit everyone. Adaptability does.  And those who adapt quicker, easier, and more deliberately will always have an edge in life and in business. Let’s Amplify Your Adaptability.

Don’t manage change. Groove with it.

What can we learn from the most talented musicians, athletes, and improv actors?


People have been talking  about managing change for years, but now it’s time to change our focus to help build the skill they really need – adaptability.

In this fun, interactive, and completely relevant session, we’ll help people learn how to mentally, emotionally, and logistically create the conditions to get there sooner.

Adapt. Evolve. Rock on.

Thrive through change by building adaptability

Music, energy, interactivity, improv – this keynote isn’t just fun, it is a relevant discussion every company needs to have!

“Amplify Your Adaptability will give you a few simple concepts to focus forward, navigate change, and smile at the same time.”

A Few of Many Takeaways

  • Adaptability is a skill that can be learned

  • A process for collaborating through change

  • How to logistically make it easier to adapt to the circumstances around you

  • Strategies for changing mindsets and emotions in relation to change

Beth Burbage, Burbage Talent Services

“The timing of listening to his talk was just what I needed that day. I was contemplating taking the big step to start my own business. I was scared, intimidated, unsure of what all I would need to do. But listening to Rick encouraged me that I could do it!”

Meghan Styles, Lululemon Athletica

“Thanks for being unconventional – your authenticity is inspiring and your talk helped tether me back to my own goals, a reminder to be as “me” as possible in my journey.”

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