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Your Engagement

Amplify Your Engagement

Build a workforce culture that attracts – and retains – key talent!

According to Gallup, more than two-thirds of employees are actively disengaged. Two-thirds! And that not only hurts morale, it impacts customer satisfaction, productivity, and costs a ton of money! We can do better, and in this keynote, we will learn just how.

Focus it. Tweak it. Crank it up.

A highly engaged work culture doesn’t have to be the stuff of fairy tales! Across multiple industries (it isn’t just technology), sophisticated organizations are cultivating engaged, empowered employees who stay longer, are more productive, and produce better results! 

The best news? It isn’t magic or some secret sauce that no other organization can replicate! We’ll show you how.

With solid examples, immediate next actions and a side dish of rock and roll, Amplify Your Engagement will serve as a catalyst for creating true engagement back at work. And you will like it.

Create a great place to be FROM!

And then reap the benefits. Money saved, retention reduced, and an army of internal promoters who take your company to the next level and act as your best recruiters even after they leave. Find out how!

“Amplify Your Engagement will give you the resources you need to build a culture your people rave about!”

A Few of Many Takeaways

  • A fresh perspective on what defines engagement and why your business, even if it has high performers, should focus on it

  • Strategies for developing both organizational and individual engagement

  • Concrete ideas for modifying leadership behaviors to create organizational trust

  • Personal development as a motivational tool and new areas to mine for growth opportunities

Ron Smith, Kent State University

“His message about creating engagement was, to coin a phrase, Pure Freakin’ Magic! His energy and message pumped our crowd for the entire event! I’d bring Rick back in a heartbeat!”

Attendee, ATD Midlands SC Annual Conference

“This is the most 5 star of 5 star presentations I’ve ever seen. This guy had it all. I was totally engaged and motivated to help my business engage!”

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