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Your Impact

Rick Lozano Amplify Your Impact

Amplify Your Impact. 

THE closing keynote to send people off with inspiration and motivation to find their sound and build their legacy!

A powerful, engaging, unique presentation that will leave you audience raving and ready to move forward.

Tune In. Crank It Up.

Sometimes people get stuck. They feel burned out, uninspired, and not sure where to go next.

And that sucks.

In Amplify Your Impact, Rick reminds people of the value they bring and motivates them to stage dive into the next great opportunity. He provides a new perspective on how to find our voice, embrace our uniqueness, get out of our own way and build a legacy that lingers.

As individuals, organizations, leaders…sometimes all we need is a “little help from my friends”.

This keynote rocks!

But don’t take our word for it; check out this reaction after Amplify Your Impact (under the previous title, “Navigate Through Noise”) debuted as the closing keynote at the ATD Core4 Conference in 2017!

“Amplify Your Impact will be the highlight of your conference or event, leaving people energized, action-focused, and ready to produce the next great thing.”

A Few of Many Takeaways

  • How to move past self-doubt to produce an authentic legacy

  • A fresh perspective what it means to fail and the need for taking calculated risks

  • Concrete ideas for navigating change and uncertainty to produce the best possible output

  • Strategies for moving past analysis paralysis and creating action

  • Areas of focus for developing in ways that have the biggest impact

  • A call to action to embrace your authentic self and build positive change in the world

Beth Burbage, Burbage Talent Services

“The timing of listening to his talk was just what I needed that day. I was contemplating taking the big step to start my own business. I was scared, intimidated, unsure of what all I would need to do. But listening to Rick encouraged me that I could do it!”

Meghan Styles, Lululemon Athletica

“Thanks for being unconventional – your authenticity is inspiring and your talk helped tether me back to my own goals, a reminder to be as “me” as possible in my journey.”

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