Bruce Willis Ruins All Films

Whether you agree with that statement or not, it is a good mnemonic for remembering to check your gear before you dive. In order, you check:
 Bruce – BCD (Buoyancy Control Device)
Willis – Weights
Ruins – Releases
All – Air
Films – Final check/Fins
..,before you start your dive.
Safety first, right? Check!

And that’s the way we now start every dive, thanks to our instructor, Bill Becker. He taught us this simple, yet absolutely important method to begin our dives safely, and held us accountable during our initial training if we forgot.
Onboarding properly makes a difference.
As we’ve developed as divers, I’ve noticed that not everyone does the protocol, but we always do – every single time, no exceptions. It is our commitment to each other to always perform the safety checks to keep ourselves and each other safe. And… on the rare occasion one of us forgot, the other stepped up and insisted.
This is how we do it.
(…go ahead, click it, you know you want to!)
The way you are introduced to things matters, whether it is scuba diving, leadership, a new team, or a new organization.  The initial tone – and the subsequent accountability – dictates how people will behave. It creates the norms and expectations for what great looks like and, when done properly, can impact everyone’s morale, engagement, and in this case, safety.
Onboarding is the first exposure. Make it count.
It is tempting to go fast, to hit the ground running, to get people up to speed and productive asap.  To skip the details and just jump to results.  After all, we don’t have time to waste!
But taking the time up front saves you time and money later. Set people up for success and safety.
And now that we’ve discussed that, I have a confession…I liked The Sixth Sense.  Bruce Willis is fine.