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“Rick’s presentation was “Acoustic Leadership” and I can’t say enough good things about it! He was very entertaining to watch and I felt his content was relatable. His guitar skills were also awesome! I received survey results after our event and attendees could not say enough good things about him. Thanks for making our event unforgettable, Rick! – Allie Mendel, Sprint

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Rick Lozano
Rick Lozano
Rick Lozano


  • How long are your keynotes? Right around an hour, but plan for a little longer time slot if you have opening speakers, announcements, etc..
  • Do you do breakouts as well? I can! Let’s create something impactful together.
  • How much of  your keynote involves music? It varies, but about a fifth. I use music to engage, tell stories, get the audience involved, rock out.  You know…learning.  I try hard to balance it so it fits it just right.
  • Why the music?  Think about your favorite musicians…do you know what they all have in common?  A unique way to engage audiences! And this is no different. Music, to me, is a way to open ears, hearts, and minds and a gateway to engaging people. It builds community, it generates and magnifies emotion, it is a language that we all speak and a great way to build a connection. And I like it.
  • Can you speak over lunch? Yes, but do you really want that? You’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and money to provide the best experience for your audience. Trying to inspire and connect with them while the salad plates are being cleared just doesn’t lend itself to the best possible outcomes. Let’s talk after the cheesecake is finished and people have digested a bit.
  • What audiences do you resonate with?  Great question! All of them, so far!  I do a lot of work in advance to understand your company/organization and make sure that I tailor the message to what is relevant and appropriate to what your people need. (…while conducting rowdy sing-a-longs)


“It was the best class I’ve taken in 9 years… He maximized every moment and every learning opportunity for 2 days and I am eternally grateful for everything he taught me. I have less fear and more capability because of him and I believe the next 25 years of my career will benefit from his advice and coaching.”

– Erin Wilbanks, Director, HEB


“Rick is an amazing and energetic speaker. His energy, passion, and profound lessons inspired and entertained our members as they take on the challenging task of employee engagement.”

– Joan Maddux, Vice President, Austin Contact Center Alliance

Crowd Favorite

“It is a conference planner’s dream to have your participants fully engaged, joining heartily in singing along, and ending with a rousing and well-deserved standing ovation.”

– Wayne Drummond, Executive Director, Georgia Professional Human Services Association

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rickl – at – ricklozano.com