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Inspiring Change and Action

With music, relevant content, and an occasional stage dive

Why hire Rick to keynote?

Because you’ve never had a speaker quite like this! His high energy, passion, expertise and unique command of the stage immediately engages audience. He incorporates music, storytelling, and audience interaction to inspire, educate, and transform ideas into action. No two presentations are ever the same.

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Rick Lozano Amplify Your Impact

Amplify Your Impact

Inspiration and motivation to find your sound, unlock that next opportunity,  and build your legacy!

“I’m stuck.” “What’s next?” “I’m not qualified.” “Where do I start?”  Sound familiar? In this crowd-favorite keynote session, we’ll assume the role of music producer to help you find your song and shape your sound. We’ll cut through the noise and amplify your voice, balancing creative risks and position you to do the awesome things you are supposed to do!

Acoustic Leadership

A fresh approach to create leadership that resonates.

Scaled-back. Authentic. Simple. If only leadership was that easy! In Rick’s exploration of leadership, we’ll focus on just that, simple changes that create fans, impact lives, and leave an impression that people will remember years later.

Amplify Your Engagement

Transform your organization into a workplace people want to be from!

Does your organization want people who show up and put in just enough to get the job done? Or do you want people who are rocking at their jobs, excited to be there, losing themselves in their work, and unleashing their creativity and potential? What will it take?

Amplify Their Experience

What do your favorite musicians and the best customer service purveyors have in common?

Loyal fans.  Let’s create a customer experience that has people raving, constantly coming back, and driving your business further.

And occasionally camping out in your parking lot until you take the stage.

Close, but not quite?

I have additional keynotes on adaptability, change, trust, and more. Need something else?

No problem. Let’s discuss your event theme and objectives and come up with something impactful!

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