Acoustic Leadership

Acoustic Leadership

Inspiring leaders don’t just deliver business results, they impact people’s lives. Let’s create a leadership culture that resonates.

Stripped-down. Unplugged. Awesome. 

What if we made it simple?

Simple for leaders to inspire people.

Build trust.

Unlock potential.

Get s#%t done.

Acoustic leadership.

Leadership that resonates.

Create leaders that leave a legacy of results!

Your company’s success depends on your leaders, it is that simple. The days of “command and control” leadership are far gone and sophisticated organizations know that devoting time to developing their leaders is the best place they can put their money.

“I finally realized that in so many ways, less IS more, and Acoustic Leadership isn’t just an incredible keynote, but a roadmap for how to truly get things done while leaving the biggest positive impact on our people.”

A Few of Many Takeaways

  • Strategies for how to “do more with less” that actually work

  • Ideas for developing simplicity, authenticity, and opportunity to have the biggest impact

  • Areas of focus that create the most energy and ignite innovation

  • A one-of-a-kind, interactive, and engaging experience

Betty Parker,  Sharper Solutions

“I highly recommend Rick as a public speaker because of his awesome audience engagement. We have had him speak at our annual Conference and Expo and had to bring him back by popular demand!”

Attendee,  ATD International Conference and Exposition

“This session was awesome! Rick is a fantastic speaker. He kept the audience engaged and interested for the entire session. The information was presented in a fun, useable and digestible way. Best session of the conference! Thank you, Rick!”

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