Great Buzz and Actionable Ideas

Just a few of the kind things people walk away with…

“His presentation was innovative, high energy and well received by our members. If your organization is looking for a presenter to discuss Employee Engagement, contact Rick for your next event.”

– Karen Lombardi, Executive Director, IEHRA

“His message about creating engagement was, to coin a phrase, Pure Freakin’ Magic! His energy and message pumped our crowd for the entire event! I’d bring Rick back in a heartbeat!”

– Ron Smith, Kent State University

“If you have the chance to take one of Rick’s classes, hear him speak at a conference or catch one of his gigs, consider yourself among the fortunate!”

– Liz Jurewicz, IBM

“I know that he is a regular presenter for our national conference that draws thousands of attendees. The fact that he is requested so often at these events confirms that to hire him as a presenter means you’re making an excellent choice.”

– Betty Parker, Sharper Solutions

“In my 25+ years experience working in corporate settings, I can honestly say that Rick is one of the top coaches and facilitators I have had the pleasure of working with. He is highly knowledgeable about learning and development as a discipline as well as an amazing speaker.”

– Debbie Talley, Rackspace Hosting


“It was the best class I’ve taken in 9 years… He maximized every moment and every learning opportunity for 2 days and I am eternally grateful for everything he taught me. I have less fear and more capability because of him and I believe the next 25 years of my career will benefit from his advice and coaching.”

– Erin Wilbanks, Director, HEB


“Rick is an amazing and energetic speaker. His energy, passion, and profound lessons inspired and entertained our members as they take on the challenging task of employee engagement.”

– Joan Maddux, Vice President, Austin Contact Center Alliance

Crowd Favorite

“It is a conference planner’s dream to have your participants fully engaged, joining heartily in singing along, and ending with a rousing and well-deserved standing ovation.”

– Wayne Drummond, Executive Director, Georgia Professional Human Services Association