It starts with a RIFF™.

And four simple questions.

We often find ourselves stuck. Unsure of where to start, how to get to what’s next for ourselves, our organizations, and our teams. So we wind up waiting until inspiration strikes.

But here’s what musicians know…creativity is as much a discipline as it is an art form. It requires a process. A set of tools to get the wheels rolling.

The RIFF model, from Rick’s book, Find Your Jam, is that process.


universal challenges

How the RIFF helps

Amplified Solutions

Via a simple but robust model.

Rick has been using the RIFF with people around the world to unlock what’s next using the talent, skills, and resources they already have.

Breaking Down The RIFF

Rewrite – Overcoming resistance to change and limiting beliefs

Integrate – Creatively imagining new solutions with limited resources

Focus – Moving past overwhelm and distraction

Flow – Eliminating hesitation, lack of confidence and momentum