Amplified Talent Development

Your organization is filled with talent, ready to build, grow, perform, and succeed. And they are looking for an opportunity to develop – or leave!

So when you decide to invest your time and money into a training solution for your people, make sure it is delivered by someone who is a master at helping people develop skills and behaviors that transfer back into reality. Or else what is the point?

Rick Lozano is truly one of the best facilitators in the business. For over 20 years, he has helped leaders, teams, and individuals enhance their performance on the job – and in life. He is a recognized expert in leadership and talent development, and no one does it quite like this!

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Teams That Resonate

Supercharge your team’s potential with the perfect team development opportunity. Rick’s catalog of effective, dynamic, and proven team solutions offer a variety of choices to make sure your team gets the support it needs. Rick focuses not only on team-building concepts but also the necessary behaviors for winning teams. Using Rick’s unique RIFF™ model, he designs engaging sessions that blend fun and productivity, promoting trust, accountability, and effective collaboration. Whether your team needs a quick improv session or an in-depth team-building journey, we’ve got you covered.
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Leadership That Resonates

Two decades of expertise developing thousands of leaders across the world – in person and virtually! Rick’s Leadership That Resonates Academy, based on his book, Acoustic Leadership, is the perfect solution for your emerging to mid-level leaders. He helps transform your entire leadership culture by creating dynamic and relevant learning opportunities that truly resonate. And, he also offers a full catalog of essential training solutions that develop leaders, with or without a formal title.
Rick is probably the best trainer I’ve ever seen, but what I really love is that he didn’t spend his time just on concepts, but rather practice. This entire program was worth the money, for sure.